Three Steps To Greatly Increase Your Patience

Three Steps To Greatly Increase Your Patience   Patience is a characteristic we could all learn. In my professional career I have met some impatient people. I also have met some patient ones. In my opinion the ones who have more patience get farther, have more successes, seem happier and less stressful, and overall enjoy better lives. Doesn't that sound great? I don't know if some of us are born with it or maybe if we learn it at some point in our lives. Myself, I was the most … [Read more...]

Grow Stronger, Think Smarter, and Move Faster

Grow Stronger, Think Smarter, and Move Faster Everyone wants to become stronger, smarter, and faster. Each of us have the ability to improve in these areas. There is a range which you usually stay within. These ranges can be expanded and improved as far as you are willing to take them. With only spending a little time each day you will feel the rewards from making these improvements. I'm going to give you a little insight and some strategies in each different area. Spend at least a few … [Read more...]

Toughen Up A Little:Your Fact sheet On How to Take On the Rough And Tumble Of Life

So you held your mother's little finger and trudged your way through your childhood. Some of you perhaps let go of that support a little early while some others continued under the shadow of a parent , a sibling or someone who seemed to make you feel secure. The sense of security is quite a big deal in one's life. It emanates from knowing that you are in your comfort zone and no one can take away whatever that you hold dear to you. But life has its own way of dealing with each of us . Down the … [Read more...]

20 Inspirational Ways To boost Your Self-Esteem

It's all about being irresistibly attractive! Yes, to a large extent our self-esteem emanates from our ability to make ourselves attractive first to ourselves and then to everyone around. It's in finding your niche and giving your energies the true outlet, so as to be attractive inside out. A. J. Cronin very rightly said ,''life is not an easy path which we travel free and unhampered but through which we seek our way, sometimes lost and confused and sometimes caught in a blind alley. It's the … [Read more...]

Understanding Integrity and Personal Values

So I've been writing alot about personal development and self-help topics  lately. I just wanted to stop and take the time to talk about something else that's very important to me and should be to everyone else to. Thats your own personal integrity and inner self values. The people I run across that stick in my mind and stay my friend for the longest are the ones who have the most integrity. This class of people can get things done. They easily earn others respect and trust. I'm not talking … [Read more...]

Steps & Tips To Improve Your Memory Capacity

Everyone needs to improve their memory. Either short or long term improvement would be greatly beneficial. • There are two types of memory which can either be long or short term. The latter is usually forgotten after it has served its purpose, while long-term memory stays with the person throughout his/her lifetime. • Memory is ones ability to conveniently store, preserve and recall certain information as well as experiences. Conventional studies related to memory started in the area of … [Read more...]

Guidelines in Creating Habits to Do Things Better and Faster

My aim is to provide you with tips in creating long term habits to enhance your productivity and efficiency. It will also provide techniques to defeat procrastination, physical tiredness and perfectionism. Before anything else, it is important to understand that no single tip will apply to all. Accomplishing tasks quickly is a combination of balance, moderation and being both physically and mentally ready for whatever obstacles that may occur. Physical Wellness and Health Perfecting the … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Inner Strength

  According John Roger, we should awaken ourselves to the power and beauty that are alive within us at the moment. We are living in times of unprecedented challenges and changes, so we should take the chance of reevaluating their lives. Does the work that you serve you well enough? Are your priorities where they belong? Do you wish you could spend more time with your family? Is your life the way you want it to be? The answer to all these questions lies within find that inner strength … [Read more...]

50 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Energy Level

With the everyday demands of life, we often find ourselves drained before the end of the day. With holding down a steady job, perhaps classes on top of work, spending time with family, chores, maybe a second job, or a hobby(on top of who knows what else!), it is no wonder you're on E. But, it doesn't have to be this way. Below is a comprehensive list of fifty simple tips and techniques to help you power up so you can get the most out of life. 1. Sip water throughout the day–If you experience … [Read more...]