I purchased this juice recently on the ebay listing in a 30 ml quantity to just try. I took a chance on it and it was worth it. After using other name brand and over priced juice, I will say this is far better and fresher than all the rest that seem to fall short. I love this stuff. I will have to order a larger amount since I been going through it like water or should I say cold beers. ;) I will try others and I am sure I won't be disappointed. Can't beat the price as well.  -Greg

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Welcome to Slims Ejuice Official Store

     Rest assured that Slim makes the best effort to provide you with a quality product and get it delivered to you as quick as possible. I am the owner Slim and I have mixed over 10,000 bottles of juice for shops all around my area and the internet. I just recently decided to open up my online storefront, and well here it is :) If you are looking for a flavor and don't see it feel free to contact me and I will either have it or get it for you. If your interested in my rep I have over 10,000 feedback on Ebay all positive.

    I myself am a fellow vapor and I've sampled juice from dozens of vendors. That's why I choose to make my own with the highest quality US ingredients you can find. Several people ask me why my prices are so good. I buy my ingredients by the 5 gallon drums straight from the manufacturer. If you bought stuff in that big of quantity you could sell it cheap too :) If you have any questions there is a contact form at the bottom of the page. Vape On!!!

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