10 Tips To Increase Your Sense Of Humor

Life can be fun and entertaining if you know how to let it. To become truly happy you must have a sense of humor. For some of us this comes naturally and for others we might have to work a little to unlock it. It's a great tool to turn something bad into something good and people love to be surrounded by someone who can make them laugh. Here's a small list of some great tips I collected for you. 1. Watch More Stand Up & Comedies To increase your sense of humor watch more comedies.If … [Read more...]

Is Luck Real? or Are Lucky People Just Really Smart?

Is Luck Real? or Are Lucky People Just Really Smart? Is having good luck a real thing? Or are the people who have all the luck just smart and crafty when it comes to getting things they want? You can argue either side of this and for some luck is real and others it is all hard work and smarts. I want to give you some information on each of these theories behind the existence of luck and then I will share with you my own personal opinion. Luck Based On Better Than Average Chances The … [Read more...]

Organize Your Mind – Get More Out Of Your Brain’s Thinking Power

Mind organization is a very powerful technique to reduce stress, become more successful, and strengthen your thinking power. Organized minds are simply more efficient. Why would I want to organize my mind? Do you have a closet or maybe a junk drawer with a lot of clutter? If not you may already be organized, but for the rest of us we all have some form of clutter in our lives we can relate to. The mind works essentially the same way. If you have a closet full of junk that is completely … [Read more...]

Increase Your Willpower With Understanding and These Tips

We all have willpower. If you can learn to harness the power of extreme willpower you can make yourself do anything you want. It isn't something new or something you've encountered before. It's just a skill that takes time and patience to develop and master. What is willpower? Willpower is the ability to control your emotions, behavior, and desires in order to gain a reward or avoid some kind of punishment. It is also sometime referred to as self-regulation or self-control. Willpower can be … [Read more...]

The Four Fundamentals for a Successful Frame Of Mind

Getting into the right frame of mind can be tricky. Sometimes we think we know how to be successful and we never quite get there. What is the secret that successful people have? It starts with having the right frame of mind. What is a frame of mind? It is a mindset with strong willpower, dreams/goals , passion, and knowledge about a particular subject of interest. This mindset consists of several different components that make it work. You can’t just say an affirmation like “I’ll be … [Read more...]

The Art Of Problem Solving with a 4 Step Process

We all have problems to solve every once in awhile. While its true, some more than others, we all still have them. Problem solving skills are sought after by everyone who wants to be successful. Why do you thing these skills are so important? Because problems will arise and being able to solve them quickly and effectively is a premium quality to have. The art of problem solving is so hard to understand. You just simply follow a little process and give the required thought to solve the … [Read more...]

Saying An Incantation Instead Of An Affirmation

Affirmations are great resources for getting something stuck in your mind. You can repeat a phrase over and over again until your mind begins to believe it and it effects your body and physiology. What if you could do something just like an affirmation, but hundreds of times stronger? That something is called an incantation. An incantation is simply put an affirmation with emotion and reaction attached to it. If you want an affirmation to be strong then use verbal with it. Instead of just … [Read more...]

Make Life Into A Competition

Life can be challenging at times. Getting what you want out of life can be even harder. Making things into a competition either known or unknown is a great way to make some quick and rewarding progress. Let’s say for example you wanted to lose weight. You could get all of your friends on board and have a friendly weight loss competition. You could even add a little prize at the end for the winner. This kind of activity gives you a strong urge to win and push yourself even harder. Even if you … [Read more...]

Listen To The Thoughts of Your Heart

Where do most of our thoughts come from? The brain right. In a scientific mind that is the only place they can come from. The brain is the main organ in our central nervous system and the only one capable of logic, reasoning, and memory. What if I told you there was another organ in your body that produces thoughts. This organ can produce thoughts 1000 times more meaningful and powerful the most of our brains could even begin to. That organ is the heart.   The heart is a thinker. … [Read more...]

Using Stubbornness For Success

Some people are more stubborn that others. There are some people out there who can be so stubborn that they ignore all facts and realities just because they don't want to accept any other way besides their own. This can be a major disadvantage in life, or it could be used to bring great amounts of success. How you channel it makes difference.   If you are already a stubborn person then you probably know all about this characteristic. If you not a stubborn person then this might shed a … [Read more...]

How To Control Your Mood and Emotions

We ultimately have control over our mood and emotions. I find this hard to believe at times, but it's absolutely true. We have the ability within us to make a situation better. We can snap out of a bad, angry, sad, happy, or any other mood in an instant with enough focus and direction. If we can do all this, then why are so many people miserable?   Reason #1 Being afraid of change The first reason is because the person who has locked into this mood or mode is afraid to change. If … [Read more...]

Get Things Done On Your Good Days

Some days are better than others, as far as being productive goes. Sometimes you may sleep better than normal or have a stroke of luck that puts you in a good mood. These extra positive days are a great chance for you to get lots of stuff done and keep the ball rolling even longer. When you take advantage of an already good situation and keep going with it, you will find that more and more positive things will flow right into your life. To do this all you have to do is go about life normally. … [Read more...]

How to Not Let Things People Say Bother You

Most of us can handle criticism. When we become adults we begin to expect that not all people will be happy with what we do or say. This is OK but there are times when what people say about us leaves a lasting impact on our mood or even our self esteem. It is important to consider what others say about us, because in some instances, these things could be useful for self-improvement, especially when they are related to school, work and personal relationships. However, there are times when it is … [Read more...]

How to Hack Your Mind

The mind is a very malleable mechanism, as scientists keep continuing to prove to us from day to day. We are always hearing about clever mechanisms that analyze our brainwaves and delve into our mind's secret world by reading our thoughts in crude words or numbers. This technology is at the forefront of changing life as we know it, and is already being used to help people speak who otherwise couldn't, remotely control switches, control computers, or contribute to society from authoring research … [Read more...]

How To Lose A Bad Attitude For Good

A bad attitude always brings about a picture of a nasty old person with a wrinkled face and piercing eyes; may be holding a shot gun at you for trespassing. Well this may be true but a lot of people suffer from a bad attitude from time to time. To some this is habitual while to others it just sneaks up on them unknowingly. Sometimes things and life might not turn out to be the way we want them to be and in most cases this creates a bad attitude in us. Whatever the reason for your bad attitude, … [Read more...]

Level Up Your Mind by Learning About Its Invincible Quality

Many philosophies offering self-help technique crowd the shelves in book stores asking you to do fundamentally all those things that you always knew existed but never thought were in need of doing. Spiritual gurus who seem to know us inside out rave and rant about the immense and invincible power of the human spirit which took us atop the Everest and right up to the moon; and so the tirade continues as if on an alien platform far removed from the reality of your life. So accustomed are we to the … [Read more...]

20 Secrets To Staying Young – The Elixir of Youth is in You

Many people will tell you that age is just a number; it is an attitude and all about how old or young you feel. To come to think that is the perfect way of defining age. Let us view the same thoughts in another way - if you allow yourself to feel young, you will feel age lift away from you! The point that is being emphasized is that it is not our physical ages - those numbers that we are constantly made aware of by magazines and the media and sadly, our doctors - that decides how 'old' we … [Read more...]

Learn How to Act Like A Kid: The No. 1 Secret of Being Happy and Successful

Nothing beats the experiences of our childhood. The endless laughs and giggles, the booming first time experiences, the conquering of fears and meeting of new friends and an infinite running and walking from games and activities until all of our energy's drained up are just some of the unforgettable memories of our childhood. Thus, being a child again is something everybody wishes especially for grownups for that soft and firm skin, shiny and silky hair, cute and innocent smile, talking little … [Read more...]

Hot Tips on How To Develop a Winning Mindset

A winning mindset is one of the most powerful tools that can guarantee you of success in life. Unfortunately this knowledge is simply alien to most people meaning that they miss out on many great opportunities that could have seen them excel. The following practical tips on how to develop a winning mindset will ensure that you achieve the best in life: Develop a positive attitude Success begins when you adopt a positive attitude towards everything you encounter. This means only allowing … [Read more...]

Superlearning How To And Benefits

Today's world moves at a breathtaking pace. In a knowledge society education and learning are of primary importance. The business of living takes away most of your time, there is little left for preparing for upcoming challenges. Personal and professional demands require a better use of our natural skills but stress and lack of technique can lead to poor results. Superlearning is a solution created by Georgi Lozanov, a professor from Bulgaria and psychotherapist. He examined how recent … [Read more...]

How To Solve Any Problem Your Facing In No Time At All

Problem solving does not consist just in techniques but takes the overall mix of attitudes, body and energy in a human being. Solving problems is the most important ability and skill you can develop above all others, period. When the process becomes a habit problems can be faced real fast, You might wonder how to solve any problem you're facing in no time at all. I'm here to help, I will list one way of doing things which has not let me down when in trouble. 1. Self imposed … [Read more...]

50 Habits of Highly Successful People

Do successful people fascinate you? Have you ever wondered what makes them so different from others? Decades of research on achievement reveals that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do. They are successful not because of good luck, family heritage or birth order but because they have adopted the RIGHT habits. They do things differently than the rest. Success is not an end destination, but instead is something to be … [Read more...]

Memory Improvement Tips and Advice

If you're one of many individuals who think that they have a poor memory, then this might be because you don't have such effective ways in which you are able to not only take on the data, but the way in which your brain processes it. All the same, unless you're suffering from some sort of disease, disorder or injury, then you ought to have the ability to better your memory. Basic Improvement Below we'll view some assorted ways in which you are able to help to improve your memory. 1. … [Read more...]

How To Prepare Your Mind For An Exam or Test

Getting into the right mindset for an exam/test can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. There are some people who cram right before the test and others that spend months getting ready and preparing for their challenge. There should be some useful information in this article for anyone who has or ever will take an exam. Good Luck! Getting Ready First off, an exhaustive list of tips you can use prior to facing your exam: a. Prepare well ahead of your time. The best way to do this … [Read more...]

How To Improve Mental Alertness

Here, you will be taken through a few techniques necessary in improving mental alertness. Some of them are: Proper dieting Physical and mental exercises Adequate lifestyle How To Improve  Mental Alertness At times one may experience episodic lapses of forgetting. In such cases sentences or ability to remember slips out of the mind’s reach no matter how hard one tries. It can quite be frustrating for one to get out of touch with his/her thoughts, or not sufficiently retain memory … [Read more...]

The Unlimited Power of Positive Thinking

Thinking positive can be a simple pick me upper or a life changing event. For some thinking positive comes naturally, while others struggle every minute of everyday to push out all of those negative thoughts. In this article I am going to explain to you why thinking positive can improve your if and give you some advice on how to achieve this. What Is Positive Thinking? Positive thinking is simply holding thoughts in your mind that make you happy or give you a positive outlook on your current … [Read more...]

All About How to Become a Superstar

In order to know how to become a superstar who is really sought after, you need to remember a few things. Experts will tell you that it requires dedication, planning, and a lot of hard work. In the highly advanced technological world of today, it requires networking and marketing too. After all, stardom is all about perceived value. You may be having long years of experience in your specific field and you do know your stuff really well. But when you are going out to meetings or speaking to … [Read more...]

Fool Proof Method of Study – SQ3R

The SQ3R is a very useful study method for all students. SQ3R is a fool-proof method to study, and it is an abbreviation for the words: Survey, Question, Reading Reciting and Reviewing. College and high school can be very challenging for a student, especially if they are bombarded with lots of new information or if their reading materials become overloaded. The SQ3R study method enables students to memorize information found in notes and textbooks, and most importantly, it provides a strong … [Read more...]

Memory Improvement Techniques – Secret of Using Your Memory

A good memory is dependent upon the vitality and health of the brain. Whether you wish to do well in your biology test, or simply recollect where you placed your car keys, there are several steps you can take to boost your memory. This write-up will show you the secret of using your memory more effectively. Give your brain an exercise. Memory, like muscular power, requires you to make use of it or you lose it. By exercising your brain regularly, you will be better able to remember and … [Read more...]

How To Boost Your Confidence: 10 Important Tips

  A high amount of confidence is important to succeed and be happy in life. A high level of confidence can land you the job, raise, date, friendship, and so much more. Everyone suffers from low confidence occasionally, and during those times, it is helpful to know how to boost your confidence up and get busy succeeding in life again. 10 Tips That Will Help You Boost Your Confidence 1. Smile This sounds so simple, but it really works! Smiling does much more than give off an … [Read more...]

How Can I Get More Organized

Life in the 21st century is very demanding. We all have bills to pay, jobs to do, children to look after, pets to feed and all the other tasks that we are required to complete on a daily basis. From the minute we wake up, we are required to do certain things in order to live a comfortable and structured life. But, what if we are the type of people who just cannot seem to get everything done, in the time we have available? There is no reason for you to feel like you are the only person who has … [Read more...]

Discover Your Inner Child in 6 Easy Steps

  If you feel like you have become too 'serious' and are missing the joy and laughter you experienced as a child, maybe it's time for you to discover your inner child so that every time life becomes too dreary , you can ensure you bring back a little fun back into your life. These steps are designed to be easy and easy to remember so you can think of them during those dull moments and snap back to the happier, 'fun-ner' you. 1.Remember the activities you enjoyed as a child. Whether it … [Read more...]

A List Of 20 Ways You Can Strengthen Your Mind

The mind is one of the most complex organs of the body if not the most complex of them all. Imagine, the brain is only 3lb, but it controls the whole body. The mind is capable of coming up with amazing discoveries and inventions. Imagine the joys of driving a car, the phenomenon of the internet, out of the world experience of visiting outer space, etc When we think of what the mind can do, it's just, well, mind boggling! Did you know that the geniuses in our midst only utilize a very small … [Read more...]

Learn How To Speed Read | Speed Reading Techniques & Tips

There are people out there who might have heard so much about speed reading, but still wonder what it really is. If you are one of such people, speed reading simply means reading at a speed that is far higher than the average person is used to. It is an efficient way of reading because it helps you get more information in less time. Why You Should Learn To Speed Read This is the information age. Knowledge plays a critical part in today's economy. The most knowledgeable persons in their … [Read more...]

How To Achieve Mental Clarity and Focus | Superthinking Techniques

Mental focus, along with intelligence, has been shown to be the two most important indicators of future success. Raw intelligence has proven to be very difficult to increase naturally, but there are many ways of improving mental focus. Mental focus is like a muscle; with repeated effort, the strength and stamina of your focus can grow over time. The more focus you can cultivate, the better you can control your impulses and make better long-term decisions. Sadly, our current culture is turned … [Read more...]

How To Unlock The Unlimited Potential Of The Human Mind

The human mind is very powerful and if you learn how to harness that power you can achieve great things and even produce your own miracles. In this article I am going to give you some advice on how to tap into your inner power and you will be able to do things you never thought possible. The Benefits Of Using The Power Of The Human Mind Better Control of Your Emotions Ability to Perform Miraculous Recoveries Strong Willpower Defeat Mental Illness Control or Eliminate … [Read more...]

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs right now and find out how you can unlock your inner potential and change your life fast. Anyone who uncovers the secret to changing their limiting beliefs will be able to do absolutely anything. Benefits of Challenging Your Limiting Beliefs Take Your Life Back Stop Bad Habits Gain Confidence Overcome Major Obsiticles Change Bad Personality Traits To Good Ones Undo Lifelong Damages Lower Your Stress Limiting beliefs are things you believe to … [Read more...]